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Villas and Apartments

Interior Villas and Apartments

When we design a villa or apartment we start to analysis the space. Space is a simple element to understand. Space speaks to the physical boundaries of a room. Typically you do not determine the dimensions of a room; you must find a way to use existing space to your advantage, in order to achieve your luxury villas interior design.
One of the most important elements while we design a villa or apartment is the element of light can refer to natural or man-made sources. Light goes hand in hand with texture. It is also closely associated with color. Without a light source, color does not exist. Light sets the mood in a room.
The term form is used interchangeably with shape. It produces distinct effects by using the principles of luxury villas interior design . For example, a long dining room table in a rectangular room creates a sense of harmony. Be advised that using many differing forms in one room can result in a confusing and disjointed design.

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